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Opening Conference:

When a consultant arrives at your work site for a scheduled visit, he or she will first meet with you in an opening conference to briefly review their notes and obligation to you as an employer.

Walk- Through: 

Together you and the consultant will examine conditions in your workplace. The consultant will study your workplace or operations you designate. They will discuss the applicable OSHA standards or safety and health standards that may pose hazards to your employees or clients. 


Closing Conference:

You and the consultant will review the findings as seen in the walk through .

 Not only will you learn where improvement is needed but also what you're doing correctly as well. At this time you may discuss problems, possible solutions and deadlines to eliminate or control any serious hazards identified during the walk through.

Written Report:

Following the closing conference the consultant will prepare and send you a detailed report explaining the findings and confirming the deadlines agreed upon.