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Workplace Specialist

The Goal

Our corporate environmental health and safety consultants believe effective training and applied education is the cornerstone of every successful safety and health process. The goal of our workplace safety specialists is to provide high quality health and safety services through:

*Assessing the workplace for potential hazards which impact employee safety by offering industrial inspection safety consulting services.

*Providing comprehensive and confidential services and training to clients based on needs assessed.

*Working with clients to develop site-specific, continuous improvement to the safety processes and program management.

*Identifying and designing support systems for successful safety process implementation and maintenance.

*Providing follow-up services and audits to assure continued improvement in the safety process.

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 Von Griggs-Laws, USAF Retired

Service Disabled Veteran Business Osha Safety & Health Training.

"Safety Always...It Begins With You!"

M/WBE, DBE, DSVOB Certified


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