"Safety Always. It Begins With You!"

We're a Veteran-owned business. Collectively our consultants have over  50+ years of experience.

Griggs Safety Consultants, LLC

 Consultation & Advice to Owners, Managers and Safety Personnel: Fall Prevention, Forklift Safety, Accident Investigation, Customized Training and much more.

About Us

Why Choose Us?

We are a Veteran-owned business. Collectively our consultants 50+ years of professional safety and health experience.


  • We assess the workplace for potential hazards.
  • We conduct comprehensive and confidential services and training.

What To Expect:


  1. An opening conference to briefly review the consultant’s note, etc.
  2. Walk-through that will examine conditions in your workplace;   employee participation in the walk-through strongly encouraged
  3. OSHA 10/30 Hour General Industry and Construction, Introduction to  OSHA & OSH Act, Citations, etc.
  4. Our services offer our clients risk assessments, employee safety  training for a variety of occupational, and other discipline

Here's The Bottom Line:

Are you a business owner that need to make sure you are currently up to date with today’s safety and environmental standards?

Are you aware that OSHA can fine an employer up to $7,000 per day for a flagrant delay in fixing the violation?

Griggs Safety Consultants LLC will work with you to connect the puzzle, to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local Regulations.

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Additionally What To Expect...

You won't believe the thoroughness we take  regarding OSHA 10/30. Call TODAY 469.867.4250!

We thoroughly discuss  OSHA 10/30 Hour General Industry & Construction...

Safety & Health Training

We have over 25 years of safety & health education training. Call 469.867.4250 TODAY!

 We are a professional safety and health education training consulting business that...

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We discuss each area of concern. Call today 469.867.4250

As a business owner you must be up to date with today's safety and environmental standards 


We are associated with over 10 industry affiliations. Call Us TODAY 469.867.4250 NOW!

We have associated with over 12 industry known affiliations.

Griggs Safety Consultants, LLC

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