"Safety Always. It Begins With You!"

We're a Veteran-owned business. Collectively, our consultants have over  50+ years of experience.


Our corporate safety, health & environmental consultants believe effective training, education and competency, along with empowerment, is the current cultural change agent in safety and health processes and systems.

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You won't believe the thoroughness we take  regarding OSHA 10/30. Call TODAY 469.867.4250!

We thoroughly discuss  OSHA 10/30 Hour General Industry & Construction...

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Safety & Health Training

We have over 25 years of safety & health education training. Call 469.867.4250 TODAY!

 We are a professional safety and health education training consulting business that...

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We discuss each area of concern. Call today 469.867.4250

As a business owner you must be up to date with today's safety and environmental standards 

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We are associated with over 10 industry affiliations. Call Us TODAY 469.867.4250 NOW!

We have associated with over 12 industry known affiliations.

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Griggs Safety Consultants, LLC

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